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Defend Your Rights with a Houston Employment Law Attorney

Employees are considered to be working “at will” in Texas, meaning that an employer can fire any employee at any time for any reason. There is obviously gray space in the legalities of such a general rule. In order to try to protect honest employees from illegitimate firing practices, wrongful termination laws have been established and can be enforced with legal representation.

Our Houston employment law attorneys at Moore & Associates have always understood the importance of defending the rights of the working American.  In fact, the entirety of our firm is dedicated to matters that concern employees all across the state of Texas.  When you contact our team, you will be working with professionals who have earned accomplishments and awards including:

  • Inclusion in the Texas Super Lawyers® list
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Texas State Employment Law Prohibits Wrongful Termination

Proving that your firing was due to illegitimate reasons can be a complicated and delicate matter.  It is likely that any evidence that could be used against your employer’s has been well-hidden or never documented in the first place.  With the help of our Houston employment law attorneys and their knowledge of the legal system, including the ordering of subpoenas, you may be able to prove that you were wrongfully terminated due to reasons including:

  • Discrimination – age, sex, religion, etc.
  • Contesting wage disputes and overtime pay violations
  • Denying romantic advances and other forms of sexual harassment
  • Reporting unlawful business practices – “whistleblower laws”
  • Refusing to partake in illegal activities

In addition, you may have an issue of wrongful termination if you have been fired despite the existence of a written agreement that guaranteed your employment.  In certain cases, a breach of a verbal employment contract could also constitute a serious violation.

We Seek Restitution for the Wrongfully Terminated

If you have been fired and you do not believe there are clear or valid reasons why, the Houston employment law attorneys at Moore & Associates can help you find the justice you deserve.  We have a comprehensive understanding of the law that few other firms can hope to claim.

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