Unpaid Wage Disputes in Houston

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If you have been working for someone – either on a salary, punching hourly timecards, or otherwise – and you think your paydays are slimmer than they should be, your employer may be withholding your funds. Contact our Houston employment law lawyers from Moore & Associates to discuss your rights if you are being subjected to unpaid wages.

Under the Texas Labor Code, anyone who performs some sort of service for compensation is to be considered an employee.  The only exceptions are close relatives – such as a son or daughter doing a favor for their parents – or independent contractors.  Anyone else, as an employee, must be paid for the work they complete.

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Details Regarding Unpaid Wages

Unpaid wage disputes are not always in regards to completely missing paychecks. Rather, they can be in dispute of several missing hours.  In some ways, it is more likely for an employer to just skim off an odd hour here and there, possibly across all employee paychecks, as it can be more difficult to notice and prove.  With that said, hourly employees may be more susceptible to being exploited by dishonest managers or company heads.  If you are hourly, keep an eye on your timecard.

Reasons employees may not pay you full wages include:

  • Attempting to save money
  • Forgetfulness
  • Disagreements over punches
  • Disciplinary action

Stand Up for Your Rights with Our Support

For so many working class Texans, it can be understandably intimidating to actually stand up to your boss and call them out on illegitimate business practices.  With that said, it is still vital that you do so, or at least allow our Houston employment lawyers to look into the matter for you.  If your employer really has been finding ways to not pay your wages as you deserve them, action must be taken; otherwise, they will just continue to do you this disservice, and they may start abusing other employees this way.

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