Minimum Wage Violations in Houston

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If you are not being paid the minimum wage in Texas and / or believe that you are not being paid properly, do not hesitate to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our Houston wage violation lawyers. Speak with our firm at once to protect your rights and receive the wages that you deserve. We have nearly 15 years of experience to use to your benefit.

Violations of Minimum Wage Laws

Living on low wages is hard enough, especially in a big city like Houston. At Moore & Associates, we will fight hard on your behalf to ensure that you receive your full and fair wages if you believe that a minimum wage violation has been committed against you.  If a company violates the minimum wage laws, it can be held financially liable for the:

We can help you collect unpaid wages that you deserve.  Our firm confidently assists those who believe that they have been shortchanged by their employer and would like legal assistance from a Houston employment law attorney.

Filing a Wage & Hour Claim in Houston

Educating yourself on the laws that impact your case is important to pursuing the compensation you deserve.  In the state of Texas, minimum is tied to the federal minimum wage, which is at $7.25 an hour.  This was set by the Fair Labor Standards Act in July, 2009.  As for tipped employees, their pay must reach $7.25 per hour or more if tips are included.  If you are a “non-exempt” employee and meet the demands covered in the law but are not being paid the minimum wage or higher, we encourage you to take legal action with our assistance.

There is a two-year statute of limitations in the case that your rights under the FLSA were violated because you work in an industry that should require a minimum wage, but you have not received your minimum wages. In the case that your employer has willfully violated the law, the statute of limitations is three years.

High-Quality Legal Representation

You will need to take immediate action to ensure that your case is effectively handled.  You only have two years to file a lawsuit to recover unpaid wages.  We can fight for the unpaid wages that you are entitled to under the law.

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