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Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal.  At Moore & Associates, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients and helping them address violations to make work environments free of sexual harassment. We are prepared to defend your rights and hold the liable party responsible for his or her actions.

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Types of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Various situations in a work environment can be classified as sexual harassment. If an employer inappropriately touches an employee or a supervisor, seduces a subordinate and then demotes him or her when he or she refuses to continue the affair or conduct, the employee likely has a claim.

Sexual harassment can be classified in two different ways:

  • Hostile work environment — overall atmosphere of inappropriateness by employer or coworker
  • Quid pro quo — employer or employee attempts to exchange work-related benefits for sexual favors

In order to have a valid case of sexual harassment, the employee must provide evidence that harm has occurred and show support of damages, which can include lost wages or a missed promotion.  At Moore & Associates, we can help you build a solid case to ensure that the misconduct is put to a stop.

Effective Legal Guidance from Moore & Associates

If you are facing losses as a result of sexual harassment, our firm can help you document your situation and present your case.  Do not hesitate to contact us for a free case evaluation of your sexual harassment situation.  During this assessment, we can determine the best possible direction to take your case in and help you seek compensation for your damages.

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