Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

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Are you feeling hostility in your workplace and you suspect that it might be due to your gender? Gender discrimination is one of the most commonly reported forms of jobsite discrimination in the country.  You can, however, find solace in the fact that you can take legal recourse to put an end to it.

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Your Rights at Work Must Be Protected

Texas State law requires that your employer takes appropriate steps to ensure that you do not face any workplace discrimination based on your gender.  Sometimes the unfair treatment can be incredibly subtle, such as reduced wages or denied benefits, and other times it might be more obvious, such as constant rejection for promotions or raises.  However, many gender discrimination cases actually revolve around sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment has been a topic of hot debate for decades now, and yet it is still a persistent problem.  Perhaps there are still issues revolving around this form of unwelcome, inappropriate workplace behavior due to a general lack of understanding of the concept.

Some aspects of gender discrimination and sexual harassment that many people might not comprehend include:

  • Opposite sex: Sexual harassment can occur between any two individuals, regardless of gender
  • Hierarchy: Someone at the top of the company can be discriminated against by someone in an entry-level position, and vice versa
  • Directly affected: You do not have to be the one being directly harassed to be offended and file a gender discrimination suit

The last detail on the above list is definitely worth mentioning again. Many people facing gender discrimination may feel afraid to take any action to stop it, fearing unlawful retaliation, such as pay cuts or firing. For this reason, it is very important for you to be willing to report harassment wherever you see it, whether it happens to you or not.

Take Control of Your Future Through Legal Recourse

Gender discrimination is a serious issue across the country.  If you feel like you have been mistreated simply because of your gender, you need to stand up for your rights with the support of a Houston employment law attorney from Moore & Associates right away.  We are absolutely devoted to our mission of defending the rights of our clients and the hardworking people of Texas, and we know we can help you with this sensitive legal matter.

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