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Laws strictly prohibit employers from discriminating against employees or potential employees due to disabilities.  This also extends to individuals that employers perceive have disabilities, even though they do not, and use this to avoid promoting, hiring, or training them when they are qualified. The Americans with Disabilities Act was designed to keep employers from treating those with disabilities unfairly.  It also requires employers to create a reasonable working environment for those with disabilities.

If you have been discriminated against by your employer or potential employer due to a disability, Moore & Associates is here to advocate on your behalf.  We believe that you deserve fair compensation and justice for your suffering.  Let our compassionate legal team help with your discrimination case today. Call us at once!

What is disability discrimination?

As with other types of discrimination, disability discrimination can manifest in numerous ways.  When an employer/fellow employee engages in any of the following, it can be considered discrimination:

  • Making harmful remarks or derogatory comments about a disability
  • Failing to promote a qualified individual due to a disability/perceived disability
  • Refusing to give raises, bonuses, or other benefits because of a disability
  • Using additional disciplinary proceedings simply because of a disability
  • Laying off or firing an individual for having a disability
  • Refusing to make reasonable accommodations for an individual's disability

You have the right to hold your employer or fellow employees accountable for any discriminative actions that have been taken against you.

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