Houston Discrimination Attorney

Understanding Texas' Discrimination Laws

If you believe that you have been discriminated against based on a protected characteristic, we can use our knowledge of employment law to protect your rights.  At Moore & Associates, we have nearly 15 years of experience providing knowledgeable counsel and aggressive legal guidance to obtain the best possible results on behalf of our clients. Call Moore & Associates for quality assistance from our Houston employment law attorneys.

Types of Discrimination

Employers are not permitted to discriminate against employees based on protected characteristics.

Protected characteristics include:

  • Race — Discrimination against an employee because of his or her race or marriage to or association with an individual of a different race is against the law.  Use of racial epitaphs, segregation, or use of applications that ask for the applicant's race are examples of race discrimination.
  • Pregnancy — We can fight to ensure that your rights as a pregnant woman are protected.  Employers cannot discriminate against a pregnant woman when it comes to employment, transfer, layoff, job assignments, promotion, training, or other terms of employment.
  • Age — Common forms of age discrimination include an employer who will not hire an employee because of the assumption that he or she will be slower, less innovative, or more prone to mistakes because of his or her age.
  • Disability — Individuals are frequently discriminated against based on a disability when the employer believes that the employee cannot perform a job even though the employee is qualified and capable.
  • Religion - Religious discrimination is when an applicant or employee is treated unfavorably based on religious beliefs.

Taking Legal Action to Protect Your Rights

Texas State is considered an "at will" employment state.  At-will employment means that employees can leave their jobs for any reason at any time.  Likewise, employers can terminate an employee for any reason and at any time as long as the reason is not based on discrimination or retaliation from complaining about discrimination.

If you are facing any of the following workplace issues, speak with us at once:

  • Failure to hire or promote based on discrimination
  • Retaliation against an employee for complaining about or reporting a violation
  • Receiving unfair treatment due to discrimination

Do not hesitate to schedule a free case evaluation with our Houston discrimination lawyer today.