How to Prove a Case of Workplace Discrimination

You have rights as an employee and if they have been discriminated against, it is crucial that you take action. These rights include the right to work in an environment that is free from discriminatory actions by employers based on a protected characteristic, such as:

Providing Direct Evidence

It is ideal to be able to provide direct evidence when filing a discrimination claim, rather than just circumstantial evidence. Direct evidence includes written or witnessed statements that show that your protected status had a direct impact on your employer’s decisions relating to your job. With this evidence in place, you can have a solid and provable workplace discrimination claim.

In some cases, however, you will have to work off of circumstantial evidence because your company may not provide you with the direct evidence you need. Some types of circumstantial evidence can include:

  • Observations of the treatment between yourself and employees who share similar job levels and qualifications
  • Rude comments made by superiors about your protected status
  • History of prior discriminatory practices / complaints
  • Evidence of jobs being given to others with lesser qualifications

Steps to Filing a Claim

Your first step to proving a case of workplace discrimination is to understand the federal anti-discrimination law. That includes determining whether your employer is covered under federal law. In many cases, certain laws only apply to companies with 15 or more employees. If federal laws do not apply, however, state or local anti-discrimination laws may go into effect. You will want to hire a skilled attorney to assist with the process. Your attorney will then need to gather documents and information related to your case to help you build a claim.

At Moore & Associates, we are prepared to take action to uphold your rights and protect your best interests. We know the laws pertaining to workplace discrimination and are well acquainted with the Civil Rights Act. Speak with us today so that we can help you build a powerful claim to prove your case.