Protecting Your Rights to Fair Compensation

As an employee, you should expect to be fairly compensated for your labor. Under Texas employment law, you have rights to fair wages, paid accurately and paid in a timely fashion. If your employer fails to pay you as dictated by law and your employment agreements, you may be able to take action against them and recover your rightful pay.

At Moore & Associates, we understand the importance of receiving your full pay at the time it is promised. You depend on your paycheck to come when you expect it, and if it doesn’t, there may be consequences for your life. There can be a number of ways that you may not be receiving your pay, including:

If you are being denied protected leaves of absence, your employer may also be keeping you from receiving compensation or benefits that you deserve. You are legally entitled to leaves of absence for physical or mental disabilities, serious injury or illness, pregnancy and childbirth, family or caregiver responsibilities, and military service. Your employer cannot deny you leave to handle these problems if you follow company policy to file for leave.

Most Texas employees qualify to earn overtime pay. If you have worked overtime, but have not seen the proper amount of your pay, your employer may be withholding wages from you or you may be misclassified as an employee. Certain employees, including independent contractors, high-level managers, administrators, or other professionals, may be exempt from overtime pay. If you have been misclassified, your employer can face consequences for the mistake. You may be able to recover your lost wages if this is the case.

If your employer is found to be guilty of violating employment laws, they can face penalties and be required to compensate you for your missing wages, attorney fees, and liquidated damages. Contact our experienced Houston employment law attorneys to learn about what you can do to recover your rightful pay. Our team has been helping Texas residents protect their right to fair compensation since 2001, and we built a reputation of award winning legal service.

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