Hiring an Employment Attorney & The Questions You Should Ask First

Lawsuits between you and your employer are sure to strike a few nerves as matters progress. You trusted them to take care of you and pay you fairly for doing your work, but somewhere along the line, clearly something went wrong and your rights as an employee were violated. In order to avoid more unreliable characters in your future, you should first ask your employment law attorney a few questions to gauge their ability to represent you in and out of court when going head-to-head with your employer.

Questions You Should First Ask Your Employment Lawyer

  1. How much experience do you have?
    Make no mistake, practice truly does make perfect, and practicing law certainly fits right in to this mantra. The more years your employer has under their belt, the more likely they will have the skills necessary to argue and win your case.
  2. Do you have a history of success?
    The past is often an indication of the future. If your employment law attorney has a record of winning cases and verdicts, you are presented with clear evidence that they know the law and are not afraid to get into the thick of complex litigation.
  3. Have you taken any big cases?
    Employment law cases are usually not centered around mom-and-pop businesses due to federal regulations being more lenient on smaller companies. With that said, large corporations are most likely to be your opposition. Make sure your attorney can handle the pressure.
  4. What sort of professional recognitions have you earned?
    In the world of legal advocacy, an award on the wall actually means quite a lot. There are millions of lawyers but professional reviewing organizations – such as Super Lawyers® – will only reward a small percent of them, sometimes as little as 1% in a state.
  5. Are free case evaluations provided?
    Sometimes you aren’t sure where to begin with your wage and hour dispute case. If your lawyer is willing to provide an initial consultation without taking any money from you, this is indicative of their confidence to not only win your business but also win your case.

Houston Employment Law Attorney

Now that you know the top five questions you should ask your lawyer before you hire them, our team at Moore & Associates invite you to ask them to our employment law lawyers in Houston. Our firm was established in 2001, we have a long list of successful cases and verdicts, we have been involved in cases against Chipotle and Texas oilfield companies, and we have Super Lawyers® on staff. And, of course, we can tell you all of this during a free case evaluation. From workplace discrimination to sexual harassment reports, we can handle it all, so call 713.581.9001 today.

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