Overtime Exemptions in Texas

Do you have reason to believe that you are the victim of an overtime violation at your workplace?

The idea of working more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week can understandably seem unbearable to many people. Usually the only way that someone can fathom devoting so much time to their job is to be promised overtime (OT) pay for their dedication and hard work. Not everyone is eligible to receive OT in Texas, however, as there is a lengthy list of exemptions. In most cases, only full-time employees with other benefits will be granted access to overtime pay.

As there are literally dozens of overtime exemptions in Texas, it would not necessarily be useful to go through them all here. Instead, our Houston employment law attorneys at Moore & Associates have compiled a list of what we believe to be some of the most common exempt occupations. If you do not see your employment listed but believe you might have an issue with overtime at your workplace, please do not hesitate to contact us right away.

Common Employment Categories Exempt from Overtime

Note: Some jobs listed are subjected to additional specifications or requirements to be considered exempt or not.

  1. Agricultural workers
  2. Automobile dealership employees
  3. Electric railway, trolley, or bus carrier employees
  4. Fire protection or law enforcement of public agencies
  5. Local radio or television employees
  6. Motion picture theater employees
  7. Motor carriers for certain agencies regulated by the Department of Transportation
  8. Piece rate basis employees
  9. Retail employees whose regular rates are greater than 1.5x minimum wage
  10. Salaried workers in most occupations
  11. Seaman of any vessel
  12. Taxicab drivers

Do You Need to File a Claim?

The trick of employment law cases involving overtime disputes is centered on whether or not you should have been earning overtime. There is also a challenge in the math of the situation, as careful calculations that factor in all sorts of variables – such as lunch breaks or travel time – are sometimes necessary to reach a solid conclusion.

If you suspect that you have been shorted on overtime, it does not hurt to look into the issue with our assistance. To get you started down the right path without stress, we offer free case evaluations. Call 713.581.9001 today to learn what we can do for you.

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