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When you work hard to earn your living, it is vital to know that you will be fairly and correctly compensated for the time you put in.  Unfortunately, companies sometimes put their bottom line first and cut costs at the expense of their employees.  When businesses engage in these underhanded practices they must be held accountable for their actions.  If you believe that your employer has unlawfully withheld or reduced your pay, we want to hear about it.  At Moore & Associates, we know that any threat to your livelihood is unacceptable.  Our San Angelo employment law attorneys have more than a decade of legal experience helping their fellow Texans to uphold their employee rights.

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Employee Protections

The state and federal regulations which govern employment law can be convoluted and workers may not be aware of the full range of protections they are granted.  Business practices are highly regulated by both federal and state law and many of the attempts employers make to reduce employee costs are against the law.  Wage and hour disputes can happen in a number of ways and if you are unsure if you have a claim, do not hesitate to contact our firm. Our attorneys know your rights and are only a phone call away.

Common hour & wage violations:

  • Failing to pay minimum wage: As a Texan, you must be paid at a rate equal to or greater than the minimum wage in your area.  While most people are aware of the federal minimum wage, states and cities also set wage standards.  If your city’s wage is higher than the state and federal requirement, employers must legally pay you at the higher rate.
  • Overtime Violations: The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) covers all non-exempt Texas workers regarding overtime regulations.  Employers are required to pay time and a half for each hour an employee works past 40 hours in any given week. This means that you are owed an additional 50% of your hourly pay for each hour worked.  It is also important to note that exempt employees are not eligible for overtime.

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If you have received less pay than you have earned, the first step in securing your full compensation is to contact Moore & Associates.  Employment cases can be tremendously complex and our firm strives to simplify the legal process.  Our San Angelo employment law attorneys can work with you to ensure you understand your rights as well as exactly what is happening in your case.  We have a proven track record of courtroom success and have been honored by legal organizations including Super Lawyers® for our commitment to our clients.

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