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Has your employer taken steps to withhold or lessen your overtime pay? If you believe that a business has acted unlawfully in order to keep you from your hard earned money, do not waste any time in taking legal action. Employers must be held accountable for their actions and partnering with our experienced San Angelo employment law attorneys can help you to reclaim your pay.  At Moore & Associates, we have a firm understanding of employee rights and can help you to understand your protections as a worker under federal and state law.  Your job is your livelihood and when an employer engages in underhanded business practices, our law firm is here to help.

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Federal Overtime Regulations

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), non-exempt employees in Texas must be paid overtime for each hour they work past 40 hours in any given week.  There is currently no limit to the hours an employee can work and as each period resets after seven days, employers may not average the hours between two or more weeks.  This means that for every hour of overtime worked, employers are legally required to pay workers an additional 50% of their hourly wage.

Employment law can be tedious and employers may often try to incorrectly classify their employees as independent contractors.  Under FLSA regulations, certain workers, such as independent contractors, are considered “exempt” employees, meaning that they do not qualify for overtime benefits.  While there are certain jobs which are excluded from FLSA rules, such as many agricultural positions, most jobs must meet strict regulations in order to be considered exempt.  If you believe that your employer has withheld overtime by attempting to unlawfully classify your position as exempt, our firm wants to hear about it.

Attorneys Protecting Employees in Texas

Businesses and corporations can have teams of legal professionals ready to defend their interests and when you engage in legal action, it is vital to secure experienced representation.  At Moore & Associates, we are proud to defend our fellow Texans and will work tirelessly to uphold your rights.  Our San Angelo employment law attorneys have more than a decade of legal experience helping clients to hold companies accountable for every penny that is owed.  If you have questions about your claim, do not hesitate to contact our firm and get the answers you need.

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