Unpaid Wage and Hour Claims in Texas

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For every hour that an employee works in Texas, they must be compensated in pay equal to or greater than the federal minimum wage.  This is mandated and regulated by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Despite the severity of ignoring and violating this federal statute, many employers will try to save themselves or their companies a few dollars by cheating employees out of their wages.

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Dishonest Practices That Are Not Uncommon

When it comes to finding creative solutions to problems and obstacles, bosses and employers are great at it.  Unfortunately, this also means that they have found a variety of ways to swindle employees out of their wages. If you suspect any sort of foul play at your workplace, you should start to keep your eyes open for telltale signs.  You can also encourage your fellow employees to also be vigilant.

Actions that an employer may take that constitutes an FLSA violation include:

  • Paying any amount lesser than minimum wage.
  • Intentionally altering timesheets and hour reports.
  • Withholding pay as undue penalties.
  • Requiring hourly employees to work while not clocked in.
  • Cutting the wages of employees who earn tips below legal limit.

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