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Employers, businesses, and corporations big and small seek profits wherever they can be found.  This is part of the entrepreneurial spirit that makes our great country continue to thrive through thick and thin.  Business ventures become a serious problem, however, when they are sought or completed through the unfair treatment and exploitations of the average worker and employee.

At Moore & Associates, we have dedicated our careers to protecting Texans and their rights to fair employment standards.  From white collar workers getting shorted on their salary to blue collar workers in the field who need representation in sexual harassment cases, we are the name people across the state can trust. Contact our Pecos employment law attorneys today for the legal counsel and advocacy you need.

Getting to Work on Your Employment Law Case

Workers in Texas need to be aware of their employer’s behaviors at essentially all times.  Subtle manipulations of the system can be used to try to sneak a violation under the proverbial radars.  Or, in other situations, they may make an honest yet damaging mistake that they will never notice due their own overstuffed workload.  Either way, what could be difficult to notice may actually wind up being a large problem in the end.

Some of the most problematic areas of employment law we can help you with are:

  • Discrimination: Federal- and state-protected classes, such as gender, race, and age, must be respected at all times while at work.  Any penalization, abuse, or neglect that stems solely from one of these protected classes is considered discrimination, a problem that must be met directly with litigation.
  • Sexual harassment: A collective effort from everyone is required to put a permanent end to sexual harassment in the workplace.  If you have been touched inappropriately or offended by the sexual derisive comments of an employer or coworker, you need to let our Pecos employment lawyers know so we can help you stop it right out.
  • Unpaid overtime: When an employee is wrongly classified as an independent contractor instead of an actual employee, they may be shorted thousands in unpaid overtime. We can help you determine if you have been intentionally misnamed as an independent contractor and how much overtime pay you should have earned by now.
  • Wage and hour disputes: For every hour you work, you must be paid your fair wages.  There can be no exception to this rule.  Intentional wage and hour violations caused by employers remain as one of the most commonplace abuses in the workplace, however.  We intend to put an end to that by giving tenacious representation to Texas workers in need.

Your Better Future at Work Starts with You

Even when an employer or company has not made a violation intentionally or out of maliciousness, they are highly unlikely to own up to their mistake. Perhaps it is out of fear of penalization, or perhaps they think they do not need to apologize? Regardless as to why an employment law violation has happened, it falls upon your shoulders, as the employee, to take the initiative to set things right again.  When you need an ally and an advocate in the legal battle ahead, make certain they know what they are doing. We have 15+ years of legal and trial experience, including taking on cases against Chipotle restaurants and oil companies. Call us at 713.581.9001 to put our Pecos employment law attorneys to work for you.