Unpaid Wage & Hour Claims in Odessa

Odessa Employment Lawyers Standing Up for Workers in Texas

It comes as fairly common knowledge that employees in Texas State are entitled to the federally mandated minimum hourly wage amount.  If they were not, a serious Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violation would be committed by their employers.  Despite the clarity of the law and the severity of penalties for violations, employers attempt to reduce wages earned or hours worked through deceit and dishonesty, all to save their company’s bottom line.

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Violations That Spur Unpaid Wage & Hour Claims

With the rise of direct paycheck deposit options growing in popularity, employees can conveniently receive their pay without having to worry about making a trip to the bank or losing a physical paystub.  For as much ease as this gives an employee, it gives just as much room to employers to act dishonestly.  By making slight to moderate modifications to wages or hours, and in knowing that employees rarely actually look at their paychecks, they can steadily take more and more money out of their workers’ hands without notice.  If you use direct deposit and suspect your employer is violating the FLSA, please keep a close watch on your account.

Other practices employers may use that are punishable violations include:

  • Unfairly reducing employee wages to account for tips.
  • Coercing employees to work while clocked out.
  • Delaying or stopping pay as a penalty.
  • Failing to comply with minimum wage standards.

Odessa Wage & Hour Claim Dispute Attorneys

No one is going to be able to spot a problem with your wages earned or hours paid better than you, and so your wage and hour claim must begin with you.  Do not think that everything is resting on your shoulders, however. Our wage & overtime lawyers in Odessa can take up the mantle, sort through all the complicated and heavy litigation, and do our best to carry you to victory.

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