Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits in Odessa

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To keep the amount of pay a worker gets in line with how much time they need to take out of their day for their employer, Texas State employment law entitles most employees to overtime pay once they work more than 40 hours in a single week.  In the event of an employer or parent company failing to pay fairly earned overtime, the employee can actually create a lawsuit to recover those unpaid hours.  While this is beneficial to the workers of Texas, it also means they have to contend with corporations.

Has your employer failed to give you overtime pay that you worked hard to earn? Do not try to take them on alone – doing so could jeopardize your chances of getting anything in return! Allow our Odessa employment law attorneys from Moore & Associates to take up your case and step into the legal ring.

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False Exemptions & Misclassifying Employees

Unpaid overtime disputes do not rise up out of nothing, and they rarely stem from forgetfulness.  Something so serious is often intentional on part of the parent company trying to save money.  One strategy they may use is calling an employee an “independent contractor” that is exempt from overtime pay eligibility when they are, by all reasonable definitions, employees.

Odessa is a hub of the oilfield and energy industries here in the United States.  Some of the top employers in the area are industry giants, like Halliburton and Weatherford.  Do you work for companies like this? Are you required to wear a uniform, clock-in, and perform regular job functions? If so, you should most likely be classified as an employee, not an independent contractor.

Are There Legitimate Overtime Pay Exemptions?

For as widespread as Texas State employment law in regards to overtime pay may be, there are still exemptions listed in the law.  While this legislation may appear complex on the surface, it can be simplified to say that anyone who is earning a salary of $455 or more a week is exempt.

Common job titles ineligible to receive overtime are:

  • Company executives
  • Agricultural employees
  • Nannies or caretakers
  • Third-party salesmen

It should be noted that if you are paid a salary, you are not automatically exempt from earning overtime.  Do not be deterred from seeking out the truth and justice with our Odessa overtime lawyers.

Learn Your Rights and Defend Them

Knowing whether or not you are eligible for overtime pay is half the battle in an overtime pay lawsuit, but it is the easier side of the struggle. Actually standing up for your rights and holding your employer accountable for less-than-legitimate business practices can be the difficult part. Power up your claim and find confidence in our Odessa employment law attorneys.

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