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15 Years of Standing Up for Worker Rights

When it comes to defending workers across Texas, no one does it more passionately than our Odessa employment law attorneys at Moore & Associates.  We are fueled by our belief that every worker in the state and the country deserves to be treated fairly by their employers and protected skillfully when they are not.  From white collar workers in cubicle to blue collar workers in the fields, we always want to do everything in our power to make certain the people we represent are respected.

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From Wage-Hour Disputes to Unpaid Overtime Claims

All businesses want to increase their profits while reducing their costs. To achieve this goal, some run promotions, establish partnerships with similar companies, and innovate new manufacturing processes; others exploit their employees and commit employment law violations.

Some of the employment law cases we can handle include:

  • Discrimination: Any sort of unfair treatment based on a federally protected class is discrimination in the workplace.  You cannot be penalized or removed from benefits based on your gender, age, religious beliefs, race, and more.
  • Sexual harassment: Unwelcome sexual advances, crude “office humor”, and groping are all forms of sexual harassment, and they all must be stopped as soon as they start.  Our Odessa employment law attorneys can be the force you need to shut down harassment and seek restitution or compensation.
  • Unpaid overtime: Do you earn overtime if you work more than 40 hours a week? Are you sure? Employers can try to skimp on your overtime benefits by reclassifying you as an independent contractor instead of the employee you are, or by paying you less than 150% for hours worked overtime.
  • Wage & hour claims: Sometimes the worst employment law violations happen right under your nose and on your paycheck.  If your hours or wages seem to be getting cut short, even by a fraction each week, your employer might be violating your rights to save money for the company.

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Perhaps the most important thing you can do as an employee in Texas is to always remember that you have rights that are protected by both the state and the federal governments.  When you know or suspect that your employer is violating your rights, you must let our Odessa employment law attorneys know what is happening.  We understand that your finances and wellbeing, and therefore the finances and wellbeing of your family, are on the line in your employment law case, so we approach the situation both carefully and aggressively.  Only true dedication will do for your case, and we believe none others are more dedicated than us.

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