Unpaid Wage & Hour Claims in Midland, TX

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In accordance with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, employees are entitled to receive at least the federal minimum wage for every hour worked, requiring employers to adhere to strict pay standards.  Unfortunately, many employers still continue to swindle their employees out of their hard-earned wages via unethical and illegal means.  If you have not been paid all of the money that you have rightfully earned, the experienced lawyers at Moore & Associates can help you file an unpaid wage claim and protect your rights in a court of law.

With nearly 15 years of dedicated experience, our Midland employment law attorneys are equipped with extensive legal knowledge that can be used to give you the edge against the opposition and maximize your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve. We have defended hundreds of workers throughout our firm’s successful existence, and we are eager to use our skills to help you in your time of need.

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Reasons to File an Unpaid Wage Claim

There are a variety of ways that an employer may try to cheat their employees out of their wages.  Miscalculating hours, “forgetting” to process paychecks, and forcing employees to work through their breaks are just some of the ways that companies commonly take advantage of their workers.  These practices are all illegal and must not be tolerated.

You may be eligible to file a claim if your employer does any of the following:

  • Paying under minimum wage
  • Altering timesheets
  • Withholding too much pay
  • Forcing employees to work “off the clock”
  • Underpaying tipped employees

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If you have a reason to believe that your employer is not paying you all of your entitled wages, a Midland employment lawyer from Moore & Associates is ready to protect your interests and fight to secure a fair settlement on your behalf.  We understand your frustration, and we are prepared to make every effort we can to ensure that your employer is held accountable for their unethical practices.  To explore your legal options and discuss your case with a seasoned attorney, contact us online or call our office today at (713) 581-9001.