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Employee rights must be protected from unfair exploitation from employers who put their businesses before the people who actually make that business possible.  At Moore & Associates, our Midland employment law attorneys are dedicated to steadfastly upholding and vigorously defending the best interests of our clients, whether they work the front counter of a fast food restaurant or an office in a multimillion dollar corporation.  Everyone has their rights as an employee, and everyone deserves to have the protection from a world-class law firm like Moore & Associates.

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Employment Law Cases We Can Manage

Your employer can violate your rights as an employee in many ways.  It is important for you to always keep your eyes and ears open for an activity or policy that could be overstepping legal boundaries and doing you and your coworkers wrong.  When you suspect that something illegitimate is going on, let our Midland employment law attorneys know as soon as you can.

We can help you with cases and claims involving:

  • Wage and hour disputes: Have your wages been cut without any reason, or as an unfair form of punishment? Has your timesheet been altered to make it seem like you did not work as many hours as you did? Whether your employer is harming your wages and hours intentionally or accidentally, it is a serious violation of your rights either way.
  • Unpaid overtime claims: One of the most common employment law violations comes in the form of unpaid overtime.  Employers may try to wrongly classify your employment status so you do not legally require overtime pay, tamper with your timecard, or pay you overtime less than time-and-a-half.
  • Discrimination: There is a wide range of legally protected classes in Texas State law, including gender, race, and religious beliefs.  If you have been penalized or otherwise abused due to one of these classes, you likely have a workplace discrimination case and lawsuit on your hands that should come to our attention immediately.
  • Sexual harassment: State and federal governments have taken great strides to stop workplace sexual harassment yet it is still a common problem.  Do not put up with inappropriate touching or offensive comments.  Stand up for your rights and shut it down with our Midland employment law attorneys.

Take a Stand with Our Midland Employment Lawyers

Unfair treatment in the workplace will persist and get worse as time goes on, only if it is not addressed readily.  At Moore & Associates, we have made it our mission and life calling to represent the people of Midland, Houston, and all around Texas during their most trying times: legal disputes with their employers.  When your livelihood and finances are on the line, you cannot afford to hesitate and rely on an inexperienced team.  Let us rise to the challenge and put 15 years of experience in your corner.

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