Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits in Lubbock

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Tricky or intentionally complicated legal loopholes could be exploited by your employer to prevent you from collecting proper overtime pay.  The end result could be working more than 40 hours on the clock only to see no extra income for your hard work and dedication.  The same can also be true if vague wording in your employment contract inexplicably, and possibly illegally, exempts you from earning overtime.

At Moore & Associates, few things set a fire under us as much as hearing about an honest employee being robbed of overtime pay due to the illegitimate business tactics of their employer.  Our Lubbock overtime lawsuit attorneys have both the grit and the intelligence needed to see your case through to the very end, including going to court if a settlement is unlikely.

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We understand that you may be confused or intimidated by the legal battle that looms before you.  The last thing we want to do is pressure you into a decision.  To this end, we offer free, no-obligation case evaluations to all of our prospective clients.  Call 713.581.9001 to connect with our Lubbock employment law attorneys today.

Employee Status in Lubbock, Texas

Seating in the High Plains, Lubbock is surrounded by farmlands, many of which grow and cultivate cotton.  While many farmhands and other agricultural workers are exempt from earning overtime due to state and federal statutes, many others in the same field of work are not.  You should not assume that you do not earn overtime pay if you work on a farm, and you should never take your employer’s word without researching the matter yourself, regardless of where you work.

In some situations, you may notice that you are categorized as an independent contractor on your pay stub or within your employee file.  There are not many careers that actually fall into this category.  Instead, employers can intentionally mislabel employees as independent contractors, since this type of worker does not earn overtime pay and other benefits.

Get the Full Paychecks You Have Earned

People who earn overtime should be paid overtime.  As simple as the concept sounds, it is often one that is violated by dishonest employers.  If you see that you have not earned overtime pay as you should, or that your overtime rate is below the minimum standard, contact our team of Lubbock employment law attorneys to start your case as soon as possible.