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Workplace discrimination can happen to anyone in any line of work.  Any employer, no matter how prestigious their company may be, can resort to illegitimate business tactics to save money, such as cutting employee wages or stopping them from accruing overtime pay.  If you suspect that you are being unfairly treated at work, you are probably correct.

Rather than letting the situation get any worse, you should contact Moore & Associates to retain powerful legal representation.  Our Lubbock employment lawyers have been fighting the good fight for workers in Texas for 15 years, and we have no intention of slowing down.  If you want to stand with someone who genuinely wants to see you win your case, call 713.581.9001 today.

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If you have ever taken a glance at your employment contract, you already know that employment law can be far more complex than it may seem on the surface.  Even if you are employed without an official contract, numerous Texas laws govern your work with intricate detail.  While these rules and regulations may be of some concern to you, they are even more important to employers, who must follow them to the letter or else risk recompense to those they have wronged.

Employment law cases often include at least one of the following topics:

  • Discrimination: Federal and state law protect various legal classes in the workplace, such as race, religion, and age.  An employer or coworker who discriminates against an employee can be penalized heavily.
  • Overtime pay: Employees who burn the midnight oil should be fairly compensated for doing so through overtime pay.  While some careers are not eligible for overtime in Texas, this is not a usual circumstance.
  • Sexual harassment: One of the leading causes of employment-related lawsuits, sexual harassment is a concern in all workplaces and for all people.  Sometimes legal action is the only way to stop this inappropriate and offensive behavior.
  • Wages and hours: Your employment contract probably guarantees you a certain wage and a certain amount of hours each week.  If you are getting less than the agreed upon minimum, you have a wage and hour dispute.

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Starting your employment law dispute is difficult alone but simple when you retain our services.  We are completely familiar with the tactics of companies both small and large, allowing us to navigate the legal system and craft your case with ease.  You can begin with a free case evaluation with our Lubbock employment law attorneys – no-obligation means you risk nothing!