Unpaid Wage & Hour Claims in Laredo

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Each hour that you work, you should get your fair wages.  The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has set this basic and agreeable concept into law.  However, employers sometimes think they can keep their businesses’ profits up by cutting how much they reward employees, even if this means breaking the law.

At Moore & Associates, we have seen the results of unfair and illegal wage and hour manipulation by dishonest employers, and it is absolutely unacceptable.  Our Laredo employment law attorneys have dedicated their careers to the defense and representation of Texans just like you.  For over 15 years, we have been here to fight the big fight for the “little guy” when they could not do it on their own.  With a lengthy record of case victories under our belts, we think we have done well so far and look forward to each case we can take in the future.

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When to File an Unpaid Wage Lawsuit

We can safely say that many employers out there want what is best for their employees but we must unfortunately accept that many do not.  When an employer or parent company is more interested in their bank accounts than the people who help fill them through hard work and honest labor, underhanded practices emerge and start taking pieces of their paychecks.  Failing to process pay cycles regularly, miscalculating an employee’s weekly hours, or making workers perform job duties while off-the-clock or on break are frequently occurring ways an employee can be unfairly manipulated and financially harmed.

If you experience any of the following scenarios, your wages and hours are likely being cheated intentionally by your employer:

  • Management collects tips but does not redistribute them.
  • You are given less than 30 minutes for lunch on an 8 hour shift.
  • Someone alters your timesheet without your knowledge.
  • Your earnings total to less than minimum wage before taxes.

Speak Up, Stand Out

No employer should ever take advantage of their workers by manipulating time cards and wages.  In many situations, the dishonest business practices only occur because it is done without anyone’s knowledge and is carefully covered up.  To put an end to it, you must be willing to exercise your rights, even if it is just a suspicion.  Our Laredo employment law attorneys at Moore & Associates can be your backing when you need to stand up to your employer.  If you want to step back and let the situation unfold, we can also completely handle your case for you, from start to finish.  Whatever needs to be done to make you comfortable, we want to be the team that you rely on.

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