Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits in Laredo

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Are you being shorted overtime hours, either through a dishonest legal loophole or the outright legal violations use by your employer? Have you been putting in more than 40 hours of work into your job each and every week but have not seen any overtime add up? Have you been told that the fine print in your employment contract strangely makes you exempt from overtime?

If you want these one-sided situations to shift into your favor, you need to be willing to take legal action and stand up for your rights as an employee in Texas.  If speaking out against your employer has you understandably intimidated or the law has you reasonably confused, you should let Moore & Associates be your legal advocates for your unpaid overtime lawsuit. Our Laredo employment law attorneys have made a name for themselves as being some of the toughest and smartest lawyers in the Lone Star state.

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Who Can Be Considered an Employee?

Laredo, Texas is literally right on the border of Mexico and its sibling city, Nuevo Laredo.  Employers who are looking to save their company money illegitimately may attempt to ignore or violate employment laws, hoping that new immigrants to the region will not know that they are committing a wrongdoing.  The fact is that if you are expected to wear a uniform, clock in and out, meet company regulations, and have a regular set of tasks, you should be considered an employee.

If you have been labeled an independent contractor instead, you need to check your paystubs.  Independent contractors do not need to be paid overtime in most situations due to state- and federal-level regulations.  Choosing to categorize you in such a way is a fast way a deceptive employer can cut their hourly labor costs.

Hesitation Could Cost You a Fair Paycheck – Act Now

If you are supposed to be earning overtime, whether you are salaried or on an hourly system, you should let nothing stand in between you and your hard-earned money.  Empower yourself by contacting Moore & Associates today.  Our Laredo employment law attorneys are ready and waiting to help out people in situation just like yours, just as they have been for over a decade.