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For every hour that you work, you must be paid a fair wage.  Unfortunately, companies do not always act in accordance with the law.  At Moore & Associates, we understand that when you work hard for your living, every dollar counts.  At our firm, we help Texans stand up to employers who attempt to cut corners by withholding, delaying, or reducing an employee’s pay.  If you think that your employer has paid you less than minimum wage or for fewer hours than you have worked, our Fort Worth employment law attorneys can help you to seek justice.

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Understanding Your Rights as an Employee

As a Texan, you are provided with protections at both the state and federal level.  When it comes to your right to a fair wage, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) mandates that you must be compensated at a rate no less than the federal minimum wage for each hour that you work.  Despite the clarity of the law and the potential consequences to employers for a violation, unlawful conduct continues to be a problem reported by the workforce. Employment law can be tremendously convoluted and if you suspect that your employer has violated FLSA regulations, our firm can help you to understand your situation as well as what legal actions may be appropriate.

An unpaid wage and hour violation may occur if an employer:

  • Pays an hourly rate less than the minimum wage
  • Illegally alters a time sheet
  • Withholds customer tips from employees
  • Works employees who are not clocked in
  • Refuses to pay for overtime hours

Many employees may be afraid of reporting illegal employer actions in fear of retaliatory acts, such as being fired.  However, it is against the law for employers to retaliate or punish workers for reporting a violation of employment law.  We understand how stressful it can be when you perceive that there is a threat to your livelihood, but your employer’s unlawful behavior may not stop until you take legal action.

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At Moore & Associates, we take great pride in helping our fellow Texans end the unlawful manipulation of their earned wages.  Dishonest business practices must not be allowed to continue and by taking action you can protect not only yourself but anyone else who may be affected by an employer’s violation of worker rights.  If you believe that your wages were illegally reduced or withheld, our Fort Worth employment law attorneys can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.  Let our advocates handle the legal process so you can get back to work and on with your life.

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