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Employees are protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which requires all employees to receive a federally regulated minimum wage for each hour the employee works.  Unfortunately, some employers may seek ways to increase their bottom line, including loop-holes or unethical practices that allow them to pay their employees less.  If you suspect that your hours are being falsely reduced or you notice that you are being paid less than minimum wage for your work, you need skilled legal advocacy.  Get in touch with Moore & Associates today for trusted legal representation.

We have represented employees in Dallas for over 15 years, and we have established a trusted reputation of fighting for employee rights.  Our team has a deep knowledge of Texas and federal employment law, which we use to empower our clients to fight for their rightful wages.  Corporations and large companies can easily overpower employee rights, but our aggressive advocacy gives our clients a way to fight back.

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Why Should You File an Unpaid Wage Claim?

No matter how they go about it, it is often illegal and highly unethical for a company to cut employee wages or hours in an unfair manner.  Companies may try to find ways to improve their bottom line, and cutting wages or hours may be one way they attempt this.  Intentional or not, your employer has no legal grounds to take your hard-earned wages. If you suspect they are, you can seek legal recourse and recover your stolen wages.

Employers may attempt to reduce wages and hours by:

  • Falsifying timesheets or hour logs
  • Penalizing employees by withholding legally earned pay
  • Minimizing the pay rate of tipped employees
  • Paying less than the legally allowed minimum wage
  • Forcing employees to work off the clock

Several of these methods are illegal, and can result in hefty fines for your employer, as well as being forced to pay you restitution.

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You may not be sure if your employer has stepped outside of legal bounds, or if the stress and expense of a full lawsuit is necessary to correct the problem.  At Moore & Associates, we work with you to create a personalized solution to each unique case, so you know that your case will be handled exactly how you need it to be.  We can help you discover your options to take action and reclaim your wages.

Our team ofDallas employment law attorneys will review your case and advise you about what your best options may be.  We can explain your federal and state rights to you, and ensure that you are armed with a complete understanding of your situation.

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