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As an hourly employee, you are entitled to overtime pay when you work more than 40 hours in a week.  If you have been told that you are not eligible for overtime pay when others in similar jobs are, or have worked well beyond 40 hours, and haven’t seen an increase in your check, your employer may be withholding overtime pay from you. Whether intentional or accidental, withholding overtime pay from employees who have earned it is a serious violation of employment law.

Those who live or work in the Dallas area deserve honest legal representation in any employment law claims or disputes.  Our employment law lawyers at Moore & Associates have spent years fighting for the rights of Dallas workers and their families against large and powerful corporations. Our firm has the necessary experience to confidently take on any employment law case, including you unpaid overtime claim.  If you need dedicated, skilled legal advocacy, look no further than Moore & Associates.

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Independent Contractor & Employee Status

Many companies base their operations out of Dallas, and thousands of dedicated employees work hard for these companies.  Some companies may not be all that honest, however, and can purposefully misclassify employees for profit. Some workers may not qualify for overtime wages because of their classification, even though other workers performing similar jobs do qualify.  Federal and state law does not require independent contractors to be paid overtime. If you believe your classification as an independent contractor is in error, contact our team immediately.  We can help you investigate whether your position qualifies for overtime pay, and help you take the legal action required to fight for your rightful wages.

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Large corporations have the resources and teams of lawyers to fight unpaid overtime claims.  We understand that you need aggressive, confident legal advocates on your side to take on these big corporations.  Our reputation for compassionate and hard-working client service has been earned by tirelessly devoting ourselves to our clients’ best interests.  When you work with Moore & Associates, you can trust that we will custom-tailor our strategies for your claim’s specific needs.  Don’t let your well-deserved pay be lost.  You work hard for your company, and we will work hard for you.

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