Unpaid Wage & Hour Claims in Corpus Christi

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It should go without saying that employees deserve their wages for every hour that they work.  This basic employment law concept is also reinforced by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). If your employer has been looking for ways to cut costs and corners, and have stripped you of fairly earned wages and hours worked, this is completely unacceptable and illegal.

At Moore & Associates, our Corpus Christi employment law attorneys are proud to say that we have been helping honest, hard-working Texans create unpaid wage and hour claims for nearly 15 years.  Our knowledge and know-how has been tested again and again, both in and out of court, and we can hold our chin high and say that we have accrued an impressive history of case wins and verdicts on behalf of our clients.  We believe that the rights of employees across our state should be upheld and protected before those of large corporations.

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Why Would You File an Unpaid Wage Claim?

As unsavory as it may sound, some employers will look high and low for new, creative, and subtle ways to save money by underhandedly taking wages and hours right out from under their employees.  Not processing paychecks in a timely manner, intentionally or unintentionally miscalculating hours for the week, and demanding that workers stay active and on-the-clock while actually on break are a few of the most common ways that employers can harm their employees.  Regardless of how it occurs, unfair and unlawful reductions must be met with litigation to correct them.

Watch for any of the following warning signs that your hours and wages are being cheated:

  • You are actually paid less than minimum wage.
  • Your timesheet is altered without your permission.
  • Time allotted for lunch is less than 30 minutes.
  • Tips are collected by management but never redistributed.

Break the Cycle and Stand Up for Your Rights

There is no excuse for an employer to cheat you out of hours and wages. Often the only way the get away with such an act is due to the fact that no one knows that it is occurring, or no employees know their full rights as described by Texas State employment law.  The moment you suspect something is going wrong with your wages or hours, contact our Corpus Christi employment law attorneys.  We are adamant about protecting employee rights and never back down from a fight, even when the opposition is an entire team of attorneys hired to represent a massive corporation.