Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits in Corpus Christi

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The majority of workers officially considered employees in the state of Texas will earn overtime pay if they work for more than 40 hours in a single work week for a single employer.  Although this should not be a difficult situation to understand, employers frequently look for loopholes or illegitimate business practices to allow them to avoid paying overtime to hard working employees.  In response, a worker can create a lawsuit to recover those lost hours but they will need to go toe-to-toe with large corporations and stubborn business owners to do so.

If you are in a situation where you suspect or know that your employer is shorting you overtime hours, taking them to court alone could be tantamount to dismissing your case before it begins.  Put some firepower in your case by retaining our Corpus Christi employment law attorneys.

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Intentional Misclassification of Employees

Throughout our years of helping employees in unpaid overtime cases, we have found, fairly consistently, that forgetfulness and honest mistakes are not the primary cause of unpaid overtime.  The intentional actions of their supervisors and employers in an attempt to lower the company’s cost may be the source of the problems.  By classifying an employee as an independent contractor, overtime pay eligibility is often removed, even if the employee should not be considered an independent contractor.

Corpus Christi is right along the Gulf of Mexico and there are numerous oilfields and refineries in the area.  Employees who work for large companies in this field, such as Halliburton and Weatherford, are not strangers to overtime lawsuits.  Despite them wearing uniforms, clocking in and using time cards, and having a set list of job functions they must complete to get paid, they are often mislabeled as independent contractors.  If this is happening to you, call 713.581.9001 today.

Employees Who Are Actually Exempt

It is important to review your case with our Corpus Christi employment law attorneys once you think you might be losing overtime pay.  Not only so you can begin your case early but also to determine if you truly should be earning overtime pay at all.  In Texas State, there are some exemptions to overtime and it could be possible that you are one of them.

A few jobs that generally do not get overtime pay are:

  • Executives of corporations
  • Farmhands and other agricultural workers
  • Nannies, caretakers, and babysitters
  • Salesmen contracted through third-parties

Being paid a regular salary is not an automatic exemption from overtime pay.  Depending on your job title, you might actually earn salary overtime, although this is not entirely common.  Check with us if you are unsure.

Educating Yourself is Your First Line of Defense

Employers do not benefit from their employees knowing the totality of their employment law rights.  If you do not know that you should earn overtime pay, you will never know that you should file a lawsuit.  To this end, the first step you need to take in your case is learning your rights with our Corpus Christi overtime pay attorneys.  Once you know what needs to happen next, we can be the team who helps you get there, achieve your goals, and collect what your employer owes you, and then some.

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