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Employee rights are one of the many staples of the American society, and so they must be protected at all costs.  Here at Moore & Associates, our Corpus Christi employment law attorneys take our role as legal advocates seriously.  When a client comes to our law firm after having faced discrimination, harassment, or any other form of wrongdoing while at work, we willingly accept the challenges of their case and begin doing all we can do defend their rights at once.

Take a look at what sets us apart from other law firms in Texas:

  • Selected to Super Lawyers® list
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  • Decades of combined legal experience
  • Houston’s Top 100 Lawyers in Labor & Employment by H Texas Magazine (six selections total)

We believe you will find that our reputation for securing case victories precedes us, something that we can use to your advantage.  When a dishonest employer or corporation hears that Moore & Associates is on the case, they will have to think twice about putting up a fight.

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We Have a Solution for Every Employment Law Problem

Employment law touches base on a wide variety of legal issues.  From the part-time employee who works twice a week to the CEO in the tallest tower, everyone must act in a way that follows employment law guidelines and regulations.  Any violation could constitute a serious legal issue that requires litigation to resolve.

Most employment law cases are centered on one of three major problems:

  1. Discrimination: There are numerous federally protected classes – such as age, race, and gender – that must be respected while at work.  Let our Corpus Christi employment law attorneys stand up for your rights when you have been discriminated against based solely on one of these classes.  Discrimination can take many forms, including demotions, pay or hour cuts, being overlooked for promotions, and so on.
  2. Wage and hour disputes: Have you discovered that you are earning less than you should be, or that your recorded hours for one week were less than what you actually clocked? Whether this mistake was intentional or not, it is a huge employment law violation that thousands of employees encounter every year.  Not being paid the proper amount of overtime is also quite common and falls into this category of violation.
  3. Sexual harassment: While we have made strides to stop sexual harassment in decades past, we still have much work to do as a society.  If you have been harassed in a sexual manner, by someone of the same or different sex, you must make it known and let us help you pursue compensation.  If you do not, the behavior is sure to continue and may get worse.

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When you retain a Corpus Christi employment law lawyer, you need to know that you can trust in them to take your case as seriously as it requires. When you allow an attorney to speak on your behalf in and out of court, you need to be certain that they know the employment laws of both Texas State and the federal government thoroughly.  More than anything, you have to know that they value honesty just as much as you do.

At Moore & Associates, we have made a name for ourselves as being reliable and responsive legal representatives for employees and workers during their time of need.  We invite you to contact us today to tell us all about your case during a free initial consultation. Once you hear all about our services and skills and how we can apply them to your case, we are confident you will select us as your Corpus Christi employment law attorneys.