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Do you suspect that your employer has exploited some legal loopholes, or plainly broke the law, in order to avoid having to pay you overtime? Are you working 40 hours a week but have been told that you do not earn overtime due to a confusing portion of your employment contract? You do not have to stand for such unwarranted abuse of your rights as an honest worker of Texas.

At Moore & Associates, our Brownsville employment law attorneys are completely committed to the people of Texas who go to work each day to take care of themselves and their families.  Rather than trying to go head-to-head with your employer and their parent organization, let us be the ones to fight for your rights.  You will see right away that we are serious about what we do, and that our focus benefits you each step along the way.

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Who Are Employees and Who Are Not?

In Brownsville, many people travel north or to the coast to work on an oilfield or oilrig.  Despite punching in regularly, being forced to wear company uniforms, and must meet numerous company guidelines on a daily basis, dishonest employers may attempt to call such workers independent contractors, instead of simply employees.  Why would they mislabel their employees? Under federal and state regulations, independent contractors do not need to be paid overtime after worker more than 40 hours in a single week.  Rarely have our Brownsville employment lawyers seen a case where an employer actually made a mistake and mislabeled a worker; instead, deception is often the basis of their actions.

Brownsville is also rich with farming lands.  While a career in agricultural services can be rewarding, it is important to note that farmhands and anyone else who works on a farm may legally be classified as an independent contractor.

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Taking care of yourself and ensuring you are given the overtime pay you deserve, whether you are hourly or salaried, should be of utmost importance to you.  The moment you are unsure of whether or not your employer has been cheating you out of money, you need to let our Brownsville overtime pay lawyers know.  We would be happy and honored to spring into action for you after determining if you have a case during a complimentary consultation. To learn more, please call us at 713.581.9001 today.