Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits in Abilene

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Have you been told that you cannot earn overtime at your place of employment but you know other people in similar careers who do? Did you work well over 40 hours last week as an hourly employee but saw no increase in the following paycheck? Your employer might be intentionally or inadvertently making serious overtime violations that you should not allow to continue.

Our employment law attorneys at Moore & Associates serve the honest employees of Abilene, Texas when it comes to all manner of employment law concerns and disputes.  We are proud to be able to say that we have fought time and again for employees and their families in the face of great opposition and powerful corporations.  When it comes to representing Texas workers in their hour of need, everyone knows our name.

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Independent Contractors & Military Personnel

Some of the largest employers in Abilene are medical centers, hospitals, support living facilities, and the nearby Dyess Air Force Base.  In these lines of work, a person can be named an independent contractor or, in regards to Dyess AFB, a military personnel member.  People who can be categorized as either of these types of workers are generally exempt from earning overtime after working 40 hours in one week.

The important thing to realize is that even if you work in the healthcare system or at Dyess AFB, you may not fit into these two categories of employment. Additionally, if you are an independent contractor or military personnel member, you may still be eligible for overtime pay.  You should always consult with an employment lawyer to learn the details of your employment rights, assuming that your own employer is hesitant to share them with you.

Here from the Start, Staying Until the End

Our Abilene overtime lawsuit attorneys are committed to your cause and claim from start to finish.  We do not take up a case, only to drop it the moment things get difficult.  We know that we might be your only chance of receiving fair compensation and pay, so we never back down.

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