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Employment Law Attorneys in Texas

At Moore & Associates, our Texas employment lawyers have always wanted to use their litigation skills and unrivaled knowledge of the law to help ordinary people in the working class of America.  Ever since the firm was founded in 2001, we believe we have been able to do just that, and then some.  Backed by an impressive list of successful cases and verdicts, we have become one of the most respected and well-recognized employment law teams in the state.

We are proud to serve Texans in the following areas:

Whether you are up near the Panhandle or down by the Gulf Coast, we can help you.
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Wage Disputes and Overtime Lawsuits

Although we are wholly familiar with all facets of employment laws in Texas, our focus has been on unpaid wage/hour disputes and overtime lawsuits because we know nothing can damage your stability and wellbeing faster than losing your finances to unfair business practices.  It is simply unacceptable to think about honest, hardworking people being shorted by their employers or parent companies.  With Super Lawyers® on our team and recognition from H Texas Magazine, you can be confident that we will come out swinging on your behalf when you retain our legal services.

Forms of wage violations we are familiar with include:

  • Making employees work “off the clock”
  • Regular pay for overtime hours
  • Manipulating workweek regulations (“Chinese overtime”)
  • Editing timesheets
  • Unpaid, mandated travel time
  • Reclassifying employees as independent contractors

Ready to Serve – North, South, East, or West

Texas may be a considerably large state, but that does not deter us from offering our services to people in a wide variety of regions.  We want employees just like you to know that there is hope for their claims and case, no matter where they live in the Lone Star State.  By going the extra mile for our clients – sometimes even literally – we hope to balance the scales of justice back into the worker’s favor, and hold corporations accountable for their dishonest ways.

Free case evaluations are available to all inquiring parties.  You just need to contact us to get started.